Dean Smith Center seats

Dean Dome Seats – Cleaning 30 Years of Grime

Like I said in the previous post, these seats were rescued from a construction trash bin and then sat in a garage in Charlotte for 11 years.  Oh and before that they were used for every event in the Dean Dome for 30 years.  They had a fair amount of grime on them.

Softscrub with bleach was the way to go. You can see the difference it made.  Presumably the Sharpie “X” was on there to mark which seats were supposed to be removed in the remodel.  The Softscrub didn’t touch that. I’ll have to deal with them later.

Dean Smith Center seat restoration
The line of grime was even more visible in person.
Dean Smith Center seat restoration


Of course since I was using bleach on the plastic and metal, I removed the seat covers first.  Check out the fading that went on over the years…

Dean Dome stadium seat opened
Amazing color difference.

I thought about having them recovered but I like the idea of them being the original seat covers.  And if that’s the case, into the wash on sanitize cycle – twice.

Dean Dome seat restoration
The foam in the seats was disintegrating- some of that is visible on the underside of the cloth. That’s Oxy Clean sprinkled in there and “regular” detergent was used in the cycle too.

They looked considerably better when they came out. (I didn’t get a picture.).  The gum was  still on one seat thought so I’ll have to deal with that in my next post.

I think I’m leaving the foam as is – it’s in tact throughout but around the edges it’s disintegrating.  I don’t know where to get new foam and how to cut it to the same dimensions.  I’m sure I could take it to a reupholsterer  but I’m trying to keep costs down (and I already  know I have to get some welding done).  If you have any ideas let me know (either on Facebook or in the comments).

Here’s the foam…


Overall I’m really happy with how the cleaning went. Next up is dealing with the gum on one of the cushions.

Stay tuned and Go Heels!

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